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An online arts zine. More curious than curated.


Postmodern Indigenous is experimental.

It’s an arts magazine that also happens to be a resource, a catalyst for collaboration & living body of work.  A creative destination, for & about creatives.

Gallery opening recaps, first looks at capsule collections, & curated playlists are amongst the premium content to be found exclusively on Postmodern Indigenous. This home page will change to reflect what’s being done here, but the focus will always be centered around the advancement of creatives, & empowerment of creativity & art in both work & life.

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Writer & Creative Professional Ashley J., is the founder of &, at the moment, sole contributing author for, Postmodern Indigenous. Interviews with a broad spectrum of creatives are published in Q&A as well as literary formats under the Enlighten banner, while guides covering the spectrum of interdisciplinary & mulit-media art making - from wearable art, to visual creation tips - are published alongside practical advice & helpful links for creative entrepreneurs & art professionals like designers, buyers, curators, & instructors, under the Attend banner.

A nomadic life, lived across the country in cities like Chicago, Houston, & Dallas, & further still around the globe with an academic & organic education gained in Paris, Rome, Salamanca, Amsterdam, & NYC.

Cultural & familial influence stemming from small cities in Louisiana.

A range of creative experience, from Production Assistant work, to Virtual Styling & Buyer Consultation, Copy Writing & Creative Content Creation, Journalism, Creative Collaboration, Design, PR, & even academic panel participation, to the aid of a major university Art Department.

These are some of the unique components that have led to the creation of this digital publishing space, one centered on informed story telling, shared access, & a quality over quantity approach that takes into account the medium of creation & presentation (the internet) through which Postmodern Indigenous exists. Functional content such as the creative calendar & forthcoming creative job board, as well as new pieces, written & published bi-monthly, explore themes & things attached to the personal & professional journeys of artists & creatives, introduce new designs, designers, & concepts, & provide opportunities to those who may not have known where to look for them otherwise.

With an eye toward the future, collaborations with visual artists on projects to be released under the Postmodern Indigenous umbrella are underway. Publishing commissioned pieces from artist-writers, & the announcement of workshops are components of the conception of this digital space yet to be realized, but on the horizon.

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Editors, see recent art writing under the Commentary + Collaboration tab, & an expanded portfolio here. Click the tab above to tell me about your idea, or say hi, & I’ll bounce some ideas off you!

  • Visual Content Creation | Written Content | Web Copy | Digital Publishing for Brands *Strategy & Creation of Written Content for Social, Blogs or Brand Journals, etc. | Sponsored Content

Prior to creating Postmodern Indigenous, writer Ashley Jones has collaborated with brands & makers in digital, fast fashion, jewelry design, & other creative spaces as a visual muse, article writer, content strategist, & more. Click the link above to let me know about the collaboration you have in mind, & to request relevant samples of previous work, along with a written prospectus of how we might work together.

  • Virtual Styling & Art Buying Sessions | In Person Personal Shopping & Art Buying Consultancy

    Styling & buyers assistance learned & practiced at major industry events including WWD Magic, up close & personal brand discoveries at Coterie, an international education in art, & engagement with fashion & the arts manifested as discoveries made on the gallery walls & NYC runways - these are the experience based credentials that come with Postmodern Indigenous Aesthetic Consultation services. Click the link above to inquire.

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