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A Guide to: Letting Go

Letting Go | A guide to things lost in the world of journalism & nightlife. 

 Another article could focus solely on letting go of even thinking about paying $2.50 for a magazine...

Another article could focus solely on letting go of even thinking about paying $2.50 for a magazine...

The someone who wrote this wanted to, & had resolved how she would die - had it been a full week before the world started talking about her private truth? Before Bourdain (who lived a life it would be hard for an outsider not to deem “worth living”) & Spade (who made such happy, pretty things..) acted on what she felt so strongly that it was physically gripping…?

The someone who wrote this also had dreams of writing for what would never be the original Interview magazine but was Interview magazine all the same, and who was all the more convinced she was on the right path when accepted into the Creative Capital Strategic Planning Workshop, a workshop & organization funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation, an entity that exists as a response to Warhol’s wish that his money be allocated “only to the betterment of the arts, or so I was told by Colleen Keegan at said workshop...

Though determined to one-day pen articles for Interview, the someone who wrote this article did not know about the scandals that have since been reported on by outlets like The Cut & Page Six. News of Staff Writers suddenly jobless, unpaid higher-ups, & sexual assault lawsuits. 

She didn't know exactly what she wanted to say, & she knows now that a couple talking points & the desire to write something doesn’t imply that what’s written will be any good.

Still. She leaves you with an attempt. & right now. She’s fine.

This article started off as an idea with a blueprint, but as much I'm letting go of anything else, as much as you're letting go of whatever may have made you randomly click on this piece, if you randomly clicked on it at all, I'm letting go of that original blueprint. Shooting straight.

Stream of Consciousness style.

Interview Magazine; Warhol's journalistic endeavor that survived, along with his famous Q & Andy, for decades beyond his own death. 

Recognizing that many publications have been imitating the format for a while now & appreciating what Interview will now be made an eternal symbol of, or perhaps even reborn as - It's a way to let go.

 Photo Credit: Benjamin Lambert

Photo Credit: Benjamin Lambert

A way to let go of beginnings, like the beginning of an era, starting at the most unlikely of places. Namely:

Webster Hall

Never an NYC nightlife favorite, but a first. The place that said "this is NYC, the fake ID is a joke, & the potential to be right where you need to be, if you're clear enough on what you want to do, is unlimited."

Before the guarantee of VIP, before Greenroom, I Oak, the late Juliet Supperclub (goodbye to you too) & Avenue... hell, before LeSouk...

There was a night when under 21 markers were wiped off hands, promoters poured drinks, & dancing commenced until 7 AM. 

& way before that dancing... NYC party people were saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to Limelight, with as much sadness as we gather here to say goodbye to 

David Barton @ the Limelight

or any David Barton at all. David Barton is, or was, the nightclub-esque gym chain that, years ago, a creepy roommate of a friend's boyfriend may have gifted you a week or two to try. You certainly didn't join on a broke college kid's budget, even at the student rate.... Spotlights on the muscles that each machine works out, power yoga classes, spa-like locker rooms with spa quality saunas... everything needed to make your Flushing apartment a distant memory, as distant as the now failed dream of seeing Limelight as a viable hot spot again. 

As distant as my chances of receiving a certain arts writers grant this year

As distant as anything... more personally missed.

A focus on the eternal, the recital of affirmations, participation in the arts, living well (good food, herbal enhancements, time to create... ) 

These are ways to let go, as much as they are ways to live - to continue. 


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