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This month, affiliated sites Frank + Oak, an amazing, design driven, Montreal based label for men & women, as well as Milk Makeup, the beauty brand born of a creative agency that's been worth watching for A WHILE now, are giving back to organisations like Petites-Mains, Montreal Pride, & the Center for Pride. Read about each organization in the linked golden text, & check out the links below if the spirit moves you.

the We Say And collection | Frank + Oak x Petite-Mains

CBD infused Kush collection | Milk Makeup     

Click through for portfolio.

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Postmodern Indigenous is experimental.

It’s an arts magazine that also happens to be a resource, a catalyst for connection & collaboration, & a living, not so much breathing, destination. An exercise. A calling? An online magazine that takes into account that the tool for presentation is also what’s being presented here. A place to read about the arts, the gallery openings, the pop-ups, the people who are making it happen, this is the space for you.

This space is likely to change.

This space features interviews, guides, special offers from affiliates (like FarFetch), a nationwide creative event calendar

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