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Wherever You Are: West Coast Vibes in Dallas x Houston x Lafayette

Photos: Christy Turlington’s own photo via Naomi, & my own images, captured on iPhone.

Photos: Christy Turlington’s own photo via Naomi, & my own images, captured on iPhone.

It was at summer day party, a day party that officially kicked off darty season, that I discovered West Coast Vibes. Although I can be perceived as more than occasionally introverted… self isolating even… I always do the “I’m a writer (or blogger)” thing when I’m interested in a particular person, place or brand.

So I did, with the manager of the Snider Plaza, West Coast Vibes location, as well as another, perfectly Malibu embodying West Coast Vibes representative, and was gifted what I didn’t know was THE hot item to have from the Cali style oriented boutique.

Upon further research, through CultureMap Dallas, I found that the very casual luxe locale was opened by Lori Landes, who looked to fill a need in the Dallas retail market after the closing of stores like Fred Segal and Kitson (remember when Kitson was supper associated with an evolving Nicole Richie?).

Having had an article, that I wrote, previously mentioned in an LA Times feature, I guess it’s a better time than ever to say I’ve got a little West Coast clout.

So listen up, because I’m telling the Southerners who roam in the places I can call home, how to bring the Cali vibes wherever you are, with a travel guide for the local roamers and adventurous souls.

Wherever You Are: West Coast Vibes in Dallas x Houston x Lafayette


On location in Lafayette, wearing West Coast Vibes

“Look the part.” “Dress for the job you want.” You know the sayings. As a former Women’s Fashion Expert and Buying Consulting for Operator (now running only in China), and a judicious fan of West Coast fashion, I highly recommend these brands, available at West Coast Vibes, to help you dress for the mood you want.



J brand

Private Party


While trendy in a place like LA (Los Angeles), eating local is more of a norm than an ethics based choice in the other LA (Louisiana) especially in a place like Lafayette; where my maternal grandfather is from, and where a good amount of my relative still reside.

Local markets (there are always arguments about who has the best boudin, tasso, whatever…) become destinations for those who have moved away; with whoever’s house the crawfish boil is happening at being the ultimate destination.

No restaurant recommendations here… just a suggestion you become good friend with someone who has Louisiana roots, and hope to be invited to a family crawfish boil (make sure they purge the crawfish!)

West Coast Vibes Bomber


While West Coasters may flock to lounge under the cabanas at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, or The Riviera in Palm Springs, us lucky Dallasites can spend our evenings lounging Poolside at ZaZa and partying our Saturday mornings away at Wet Deck.

Those of us in Houston can visit the TX shaped rooftop pool at the Marriott. 

When it comes to Suite… I mean sweet, attractions, take in what could be considered an adult version of an evening at the highly Instagramable Museum of Ice Cream, by hanging out at Deep Ellum’s candy store/speakeasy, Truth & Alibi.


Boutique hotels with offerings such as eco-friendly soaps and in lobby wine receptions on the West Coast, can be matched for the Houstonian in the form of newcomer Hotel Ylem. From soaps and shampoos made from natural ingredients, to free wifi and philanthropy focused initiatives that integrate naturally into the hotel’s activities; this urban retreat is a contender.


What do you associate with California more than chill atmospheres, beach views, and mood boosting smells?


Bring those beach vibes to your place with fresh and fragrant candles from Bliss. Click here to shop my affiliate link!

Aromatherapy is powerful.

Until next time…

Ashley J.


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