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Wherever You Are: Beach Daze with Betsey Johnson (sort of…)

The four room, six bath, Betsey Villa in Zihuatanejo, Guerro, Mexico, can be yours for $618 per night; $500 deposit. It’s said to be “a mix of old and new… a tribute to Betsey [Johnson’s] life.

Betsey Johnson's Beach House

You’re either requesting to book Betsey Villa on Airbnb right now (individual room inquiries are accepted, although no prices are listed for that at the moment), or you’re saving your coins but maybe thinking about a more local vacation before the summer is over,

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either way…


Betsey’s villa comes complete with a concierge, multiple chefs, yachting excursions, snorkeling, surf lessons, on site yoga and spa treatments, an exterior kitchen with a pool and terrace, and of course, Netflix.

Get into that energy now with a trip to a new restaurant in your city, or to an old favorite, a dip in the pool or a visit to the beach, a good shower and steam, and a Netflix binge.


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I’m sure you’ve noticed the pieces pictured throughout this article from brands like Lisa Marie Fernandez, available through affiliates like Beach Café. The bags pictured are from Betsey herself, and each piece, from the Oliver Peoples x The Row shades, to the Marc Jacobs shoes and accessories (that lighter is an earring!), and the Eugenia Kim hats can be described as, young, kitch, Hamptons meets LES Club Kid … like most fashion with an impact (think Yeezy, high concept vintage glam styling, whatever...) it’s as much anti fashion as it is fashion.


Like Dianna Vreeland, Johnson has always been inspired by dance, evident in her use of tulle. Her life with the Factory crowd in the 60’s, and at the Mudd Club after that, her daughter LuLu’s presence in 90s NYC, and her evolution into classic Hollywood style, with what this writer thinks may be a hint of influence from her Connecticut roots, totally define the style her design embody.

With the offering of an exclusive Mexican resort of sorts, Betsey Johnson is now, more than ever, a lifestyle brand with interesting things to come!

Would you stay a night at Betsey Villa? Discuss in the comments. 

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